Thursday, September 29, 2011


"Rex"  16 x 20 Acrylic / Framed

My son was my inspiration for this one. He's still at that age where he LOVES dinosaurs - especially Tyrannosaurus Rex - and I know he'd love nothing more than to have one as his pet.

Paint Party!

Here are a couple pics from the paint party I led for some really great ladies who stand beside the men who are serving our country. Thanks for the wonderful evening, ladies!

FRG Ladies & their Eagles

My Eagle


Remember my meditating elephant I posted a while back??

Well, that led to a small series I entitled Buddhamals, which consisted of a monkey, a lion, and an elephant - all meditating in their own unique way.

Find me on Facebook to see the meanings behind the Monkey & Lion.

But that's not all...

My Buddhamals went on to become the inspiration behind my cousin {and fellow creative soul}, Julie's nursery.

To inspire another with one's work has to be THE best compliment!! Thanks, Cuz!!

Check out the finished product at Build Sew Reap, along with all her fabulous DIY tips and find her on Facebook, too!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

"une maison rose à Paris"

I'm extremely proud of my lil' redhead à Paris...

As soon as I posted this one on Facebook, she was SOLD! A fellow designer scooped it up as a birthday present for his girlfriend. 

"une maison rose à Paris"
{a pink house in paris}
16 x 20 SOLD
And he even let me suggest the frame he had to get... Magnifique!

Fabulous frame from Hobby Lobby