Thursday, January 26, 2012

Neutral Safari

So, I haven't actually finished this series yet, but my good friend Mitra requested I put up the two paintings I have done so she can 'pin' them.

{If you don't know about Pinterest yet, you are missing out!!}

Strength {24 x 36}

Grounded Vision {16 x 20}

I don't have a back story for these either; I've just been 'feeling' this color combination lately (greys, blacks, browns, tans, etc), and I'm thinking I want to decorate my living room in them. 

*Shoutout to Mitra for suggesting I paint a giraffe!! Mina, your safari pick is coming soon!!*

More to come!!

Update: Here's the third painting in this series... a zebra {16 x 20}

Balance {16 x 20}