Friday, February 25, 2011

Naughty Clowns

One of my favorite series... I had so much fun coming up with these guys and thinking up their titles.

Olive Another 8 X 8 Acrylic 
Olive Another, as in: "I'll have another..." This is the first in a series of four paintings I did - all naughty clowns doing something "bad". Obviously she's drunk - stumbling on an olive, one shoe off, and her glass is upside down as she asks for another drink...

Track Star 8 X 8 Acrylic

My second naughty clown:  a heroin addict.

Clashy 8 X 8 Acrylic

My 3rd naughty clown:  Smoking... Classy? or Trashy? "Clashy" (as she ashes her cigarette on herself)

Medicated Smile 8 X 8 Acrylic

My 4th naughty clown:  the pill popper - My favorite aspect of this one is that he looks like he's smiling b/c of his mask, but if you look closely (or flip it upside down), you see that he is actually frowning...

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